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Adam and Eve

The first people

What do we know about the first people?

In the Russian-speaking space, the names Adam and Eve are not as popular as in the West or in America: according to statistics, countries such as the USA, England, France, Canada, Australia and Germany use these names when calling their children most often. Of the famous personalities, people with these names are also known: for example, the creator of the Opel car - Adam Opel; Hitler’s wife is Eva Braun et al. Yes, and it seems that everyone on Earth knows who Adam and Eve are. Quite a lot was created about them in art: today There are many art paintings that display an idea of ​​how they might look. But we know surprisingly little about these people. And all the more interesting the meager information that is contained in legends and legends that have come down to us becomes.

One of the first images of Adam and Eve
Clay seal depicting Adam and Eve
Ancient clay seal with the image of Adam and Eve
Ancient clay seal with the image of Adam and Eve
Ancient clay seal with the image of Adam and Eve

The earliest images of Adam and Eve

These print cylinders are found in Syria and date from 1720 - 1650 BC.

The cylinders were intended for printing a continuous motive, most likely on fabric. The motive itself is usually the event of someone meeting someone. And around the meeting a story related to this meeting.

1) The seal is kept in the London Museum

2) Predictable men and women facing each other

3) On the right, God is probably giving Adam (in the middle) directions regarding the fruit that is in his hand. Eve stands behind Adam with a raised hand. Behind God, winged creatures with human faces.

4) Adam and Eve, apparently, after the fall. Between them is a tree, Adam is entwined with a snake, and around them there is a struggle of a divine being with horns and wings with a human being.

5) Using such a tool, printing cylinders were used. The tool comes from Mesopotamia or Iran.

Exhibits on display at the Museum of the Bible Countries (Jerusalem).

Adam and Eve - man and woman

Adam and Eve - man and woman

If these are not attempts by ancient artists to depict our ancestors, then, in any case, their descendants were depicted.

Family statuettes were found in Anatolia and Northern Syria. Dated 2000 - 1550 BC

Exhibits on display at the Museum of the Bible Countries (Jerusalem).

Red land from the vicinity of Hebron (Israel)

Red land from the vicinity of Hebron (Israel)

The name Adam comes from the word Adam - the red earth from which Adam was created..

Legends call different places of the creation of Adam - some of the city of Hebron: because there, first of all, the land is of a reddish hue. Secondly, because according to one version there is also the burial of Adam and his wife Eve. And in the Bible, it was just Adam that God said that he was created from dust, to dust and will return with death. Therefore, the place of return to dust - that is, the place of burial - some legends consider one and the same.

The second place Adam could have been created is the cornerstone on Mount Moriah, on which Abraham first had to sacrifice his son, and later on which is the Jerusalem Temple, or rather the Holy of Holies of the Temple.

Ancient beautiful bowl with the image of deers

Ancient beautiful bowl with the image of deers

The bowl was found in the north-west of modern Iran and is dated by scientists as belonging to the years 4200 - 3400 BC. However, in these years - according to the Biblical narrative - the small population of the Earth was in Babylon - in the territory of today's Iraq. And only after mixing languages ​​in Babylon did they begin to spread in directions from Babylon.

The height of the bowl is about 50 cm. The exhibit is in the Museum of the Bible countries (Jerusalem).

Is man descended from a monkey?

The legend says just the opposite

During the construction of the Tower of Babel, which was objectionable to God, occurred  not just a mixture of languages. From the organizers of this "unauthorized" construction, God took His divine spark as a punishment and gradually they or already from the descendants mutated into  monkeys.

19th century, illustration to the German Bible

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The skeleton of a boy

The skeleton of aboy

Deer horns lay on top of the skeleton. This find in the Lower Galilee dates back 92,000 years BC, which according to the Bible cannot be. Jewish scholars calculated on the basis of the Torah, that man was created about 6,000 years ago. As a rule, the errors of the conclusions of scientists are dispelled with new discoveries. So this find showed that the most ancient people didn’t look as they are usually portrayed, like an overdeveloped monkey.

Like other devotees of the earth with him, he had modern facial features, including his chin, high forehead and slender eyebrows. The proportions of his body were similar to most modern population today.

Other discoveries made on the basis of finds on Mount Carmel also led to a review of some assumptions regarding the so-called in science "Neanderthals ". In the Kebara cave on Mount Carmel, a skeleton of such a Neanderthal man was found who lived - as claimed - 60 thousand years ago which has completely preserved the hyoid bone, which is completely identical to the bones of modern man. Since the ability to speak depends on the hyoid bone, then scientists were forced to admit that a Neanderthal could have this ability.

Exhibit on display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem

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