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Exhibition "Adam and Eve. The Garden of Eden - Illustrated Legends"

The names Adam and Eve are associated, first of all, with the beginning of human history. It doesn’t matter if a person believes in Divine creation, in the mutation of a person from a monkey or in the emergence of life from a big bang. Legends and legends about Adam and Eve are stories about the origins of mankind are one of the literary treasures of world culture. That is why this topic is of interest to almost all of us. When we talk about Adam and Eve, we recall, first of all, of course, the texts from the world’s best-selling book of the Bible. In parallel with the biblical narratives, there is quite extensive Jewish rabbinical literature. She is the most informative source of legends and legends about the first people. In a very stingy content, some have reached us.  Chaldean traditions about the creation of man by God. In fact, all of these texts reflect Bible stories, but at the same time, they reveal to us a more detailed picture of what  The idea of ​​the compilers of these legends might have happened in the Garden of Eden. This legend is dedicated to these legends and traditions. With the help of "puzzles" of which are built  our idea of ​​the legendary Garden of Eden and the life of Adam and Eve in it, we set off on the trail of the first people ...

Garden of eden

Adam and Eve



Tomb of Adam and Eve

Outside paradise

Adam and Eve in art

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