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The first woman

In the legends, it is widely believed that Eve was not the first woman. Adam's very first wife was a certain daring and self-confident lilith

Lilith - the first female phymist

Lilith was created - like Adam - from the earth and felt like a completely sovereign person, sincerely not understanding why suddenly Adam should  be considered number one

In the future, obviously, God will take this incident into account, and he will create Eve not from the earth, but from Adam’s rib to make her dependent on him and avoid  another divorce.) On this, apparently, the devil decided to play (by that time already a fallen angel). Lilith is said to have become his wife. God called Lilith to return to Adam, otherwise  He will turn her into fog. She flatly refused and still became such a fog. Further in biblical texts, it passes as a “ghost”

Ancient bas-relief, which is supposed to depict Lilith

The legend says just the opposite

What today reminds us of the very first woman Lilith? Some of the daughters of Eve bear her name. This is not the most common female name, but,  for example, in Armenia, it is quite common

19th century, illustration to the German Bible

The official symbol of the astronomical "Black Moon Lilith"

One of the astronomical phenomena named after this legendary woman

The moon around the planet Earth describes the figure of an ellipse, which geometrically has two seemingly strong points. One such point is the Earth and in the other planetary nothing is found or is something that is not visible. This second stronghold is called in the astronomy the “dark moon”,  "black moon" or "Lilith". It is, as it were, and it is, as it were, inscribed in nightly planetary events, but at the same time it is, as it were, not or is not visible

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