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... and dinosaurs? ..

The serpent was more cunning than all the animals of the field, which the Lord God created. And the serpent said to his wife: Did God truly say: “Do not eat from any tree in paradise”?


We know the snake as a beast already devoid of legs

The biblical text, beginning the story of the fall, gives a characteristic of the serpent, which is the central figure in this event. The snake was not a permanent inhabitant of the Garden of Eden. She was reportedly a "beast of the field." Some kind of impulse influenced the migration of this animal and it came (it came, or jumped: then the serpent still had legs, which God then took from the serpent and sentenced him to crawl on his belly and swallow dust for his whole life) into the Garden of Eden and persuaded Eve to eat the forbidden fruit

Are dinosaurs the ancestors of snakes?

From a zoological point of view, some animals are descendants of extinct dinosaurs. These include, for example, crocodiles, ostriches,  Chicken ...

In addition to some external similarities, they reproduce, just like dinosaurs once did - eggs. And according to some traditions, extinct dinosaurs were also direct ancestors of today's snakes

Snake tongue bifurcated

Legend claims that God himself ripped it from a snake

God cut the snake tongue into two parts, saying: you laid the foundation for evil speeches. Therefore, now you will show it to everyone, so that everyone sees that it is your language that brought you to the fall.  The snake, sticking out its tongue for only a second, can determine with the tip of the tongue in which direction and how long its potential prey has been moving at this place.  Having stuck it out for a second, she thrusts it into special openings on the palate. There is an organ that makes this complex analysis of prey particles trapped in the snake’s tongue.  Thus, everything looks as described in the legends: the language of the snake is seen by everyone who is next to it

Petrified dinosaur eggs and dinosaur remains

Dinosaurs, like today's snakes, bred by laying eggs

Dinosaur footprint

The dinosaur footprint is similar to that of a giant chicken. This is because the chicken is called by zoologists a descendant of dinosaurs.

If (if) the legends could be trusted as facts, then it could be argued that in this photo we see a unique imprint of one of the legs of the snake, which later  because of the offense in Eden, God deprived her. Because legends lead snakes to the direct descendants of dinosaurs who once lived on Earth and later, as science says, extinct,  and legends say mutated in today's snakes

Attempt to reconstruct the world with dinosaurs

Dinosaur remains found almost throughout the globe

Serpent in a modern way treats an apple

The picture is completely far from how reality could have looked: a snake was already without legs, and the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was an apple

skeleton of a long boy

Painting by Lucas Cranach

Half-serpent is a half-man. Some artists, apparently, had their own idea of ​​the tempter in paradise.

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