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Tomb of Adam and Eve

Three prospective locationsа

There are three places that are considered by legends and traditions as possible places of burial of the first person Alam and his wife Eve

"Red Land" from the vicinity of the city of Hebron (Israel)

According to some ideas, it was in these places that God built His workshop, in which the crown of His creation was created -  the image and likeness of the Creator Himself is man. After all, the name Adam is translated as "created from the red earth." The land in the vicinity really has a characteristic red color.  Created from the beauty of the earth, into the red earth and must turn after death - this conclusion suggests itself when you read in the Bible the words of God "You are taken from dust, and you will return to dust."  And this is one of the arguments of those who believe that the tomb of Adam is in the same place where he was created: as they believe in the place of today's Hebron

Possible burial place of Adam and Eve  in Hebron (Israel) - Machpela Cave

To this day, a whole complex has already been built on, because in addition to the tomb of the first people of Adam and Eve, there is also a family tomb  the famous Biblical character of Abraham, his wife Sarah, their son Isaac and their grandchildren. Also, according to legend, the head of their grandson Esau is also buried here.

Because the cave was called  "Machpela", that is, "double": over the already existing remains of Adam and Eve, as is supposed, a second burial was made, that is, of Abraham and his family. The Bible tells us that  Abraham certainly only wanted to arrange his family tomb here.

Image of the crucifixion of Christ in the Catholic Church of Padeborn (Germany)

This picture illustrates the understanding in Christianity of the role of Christ's sacrifice of Christ for humanity:  Adam comes to the fore here, in which, as the New Testament says, all his descendants have sinned. The DNA of human blood as a result of sin has been changed, man has become mortal.  The New Testament calls Jesus Christ the Second Adam, who sheds his pure sinless blood and cleanses the first Adam with it. DNA restored, eternal life acquired in Christ

This presentation is based on two subsequent alleged burial sites of Adam and Eve - near Calvary

Orthodox crosses under the crucifix traditionally depict the bones of Adam

For example, on this old Orthodox cross, which is already two centuries old, the skull of Adam is depicted below.  A flowering plant is also visible below: it is quite possible that the Tree of Life is implied.

A place of rock under glass in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Chapel of Adam, in which you can see the characteristic reddening of the breed

In Jerusalem, in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where Christians venerate the place of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, directly below Calvary there is a lower floor,  where the place is designated as the "Adam Chapel". Here under the glass you can see the reddish part of the rock, which is considered a place where, through the cleft formed during the earthquake,  what happened at the time of Christ's death, His blood flowed onto the bones of Adam and washed the remains of the first man from his sin.

"Second Golgotha" near ancient Jerusalem

In the eye sockets of the skull-shaped rock - according to those who believe that Golgotha ​​was here - and Adam and Eve are calm

There is an opinion that the search for the burial of the first people does not make sense at all, since, if we believe in Adam and Eve, it is difficult to deny the fact that there was also the so-called Noah's Flood, which for sure this burial should have been destroyed.
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